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Product Description


Searching for a meaningful gift that offers comfort, promotes self-care, and supports someone through their grieving process? The Healing Hearts Journal Box is an ideal choice for anyone on a healing journey. This carefully curated collection of items is designed to soothe the heart and provide a space for the bereaved to explore their emotions through journaling as they cherish the memories of their loved one.


Inside the Healing Hearts Journal Box:


  • Grief Unfiltered Healing Journal
  • 15 oz Dragonfly Tumbler:  (Available in 9 vibrant colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Navy, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Teal)
  • Comfort Cards
  • 4 oz Scented Candle:  (Available in 7 soothing scents: Eucalyptus Mint, Lilac, Lush Linen, Magnolia & Peony, Pineapple Sage, Tangerine & Mango, Vanilla)


Product Details


Grief Unfiltered Healing Journal

Our Grief Unfiltered Healing Journal is a powerful tool to help navigate the intense emotions associated with grief. This journal offers a private sanctuary to express your thoughts, featuring 70 prompts organized into themes. As you reflect on your loved one and the significance of your loss, the prompts guide you through recalling memories, evaluating self-care, seeking support, and embracing new beginnings. This 6.25”x9.25” hardcover journal helps you honor the pain, preserve cherished memories, and carry your loved one's spirit with you into the future.


Comfort Cards

Our Comfort Cards are designed to ground you in the present with quotes and advice from professionals to aid in self-reflection and the grief process. Use them daily to find solace and comfort. The cards are printed on durable, thick cardstock and come neatly boxed for easy access.


Dragonfly Tumbler

Brighten your moments with our Dragonfly Tumblers, perfect for enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages. The dragonfly design serves as a gentle reminder to honor your emotions and give yourself the time and space to process your feelings. These double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumblers feature a splash-proof lid, ensuring a delightful and mindful sipping experience.


Scented Candles

Relax and calm your mind with our Scented Candles, each crafted to promote healing and well-being. Made by Floradee Candle Company, a woman-owned small business, these eco-friendly candles use 100% soy wax, cotton core wicks, and premium phthalate-free fragrance oils. Enjoy a clean burn and a powerful, soothing scent that aids in your healing journey.


Choose the Healing Hearts Journal Box to offer a heartfelt gift that provides comfort and support to someone navigating their grief.

Healing Hearts Journal Box

Tumbler Color
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