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A few of my favorite organizations.

I have personally leveraged these resources throughout my ongoing healing journey and feel others may find them useful too.  Knowing each loss is unique, you can determine what resources best fit your needs.  Dragonfly Vibes is here to support you on your healing journey.

A national grief center for children and families. Provides resources for those grieving and supporters of grievers.

Founded by David Kessler, the world’s foremost expert on grief and loss, this site provides grief support and resources.

Help Texts provides personalized, text-based grief support for grieving people and supporters.  You can use Dragonfly Vibe's discount to sign-up.

Provides a free online service to organize meals for anyone dealing with a significant life event, including loss.  Allows those near and far to contribute. 

Founded by Sarah J. Cobb, this site provides resources and a community of support for those grieving a loss.

Nini Grace leverages her spiritual talents to help others through 1:1 sessions, classes and workshops.

*Dragonfly Vibes is not affiliated with these resources and doesn't receive compensation for referrals, except where noted.

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