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A few of my favorite organizations.

As I continue my own healing journey, I have personally benefited from these resources and believe they can be valuable to others as well. I recognize that every loss is unique, so I encourage you to explore and select the resources that resonate most with you. At Dragonfly Vibes, we are dedicated to supporting you on your personal journey toward healing.

A national center dedicated to grief support for children and families, offering resources for both those grieving and their supporters.

Founded by David Kessler, globally recognized as an expert on grief and loss, this website offers comprehensive grief support and valuable resources.

Help Texts offers personalized, text-based grief support for individuals grieving and their supporters.  Use Dragonfly Vibe's discount to sign-up today.

Offers a complimentary online platform to coordinate meals for individuals experiencing significant life events, including loss. Enables contributions from both local and distant supporters.

Founded by Sarah J. Cobb, this website offers resources and a supportive community for individuals experiencing grief and loss.

Nini Grace uses her spiritual gifts to assist others through personalized sessions, classes, and workshops.

*Dragonfly Vibes is not associated with these resources and does not receive compensation for referrals, except where explicitly stated.

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