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the giving plate

Across all cultures, we console the grieving with food.  The giving plate is a special gift for those grieving a loss.  It provides a meaningful and memorable experience in the midst of life’s hardest moments.  Share your story in the plate’s travel journal and pass it on to the next person in need of comfort. Each plate has a unique number to allow recipients to track the plate’s journey as it travels between family and friends.  




how it works.


When you receive a plate from a friend or loved one, enjoy the gift they have given you.


Each plate will have a unique journey as it travels between family and friends.  Share your personal story with the Giving Plate you received to help build the story of its travels.


Now it’s your turn to spread kindness.  Fill the plate with yummy goodies and deliver to a friend or loved one.  Add a personal touch to your gift by including a personal note or recipe. 

travel journal

the plate journal.

View Your Plate's Journal

Once you receive your Giving Plate,  check out the plate's journal to read its travel journey.

Share Your Story
The location of the plate tracking number on the back of the plate.


Use this form to tell us about your story. Ideas include: What was on the plate when you received it? What is your relationship to the person who gave you the plate? What was your reaction when you received the plate?

Plate Tracking Number

Thank you for sharing your story

broken plate

broken plate?

If a plate you have received breaks, please use the Contact Form and include your Giving Plate's tracking number along with your mailing address. We will send you a replacement plate free of charge. We ask only that you carry on the tradition, filling the plate with goodies and sending it on to someone else who you think might find comfort in receiving it.  

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