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Plate DV-14



Beaverton, OR

I received this plate from my old boss and friend, when my dog Dobie passed away. Dobie was a rescue dog that my husband and I had brought into our home 7.5 years ago. I grew up in a household with many dogs but Dobie was the first I could call my own. Dobie was my best friend. He was tuned in to how I was feeling and was always there for me. If I was feeling low, I could count on him putting his head on my lap for comfort. Dobie loved being outside, regardless of activity. We would lay in the backyard in the sun, hang at the local park, hike as many weekends as we could, go camping all summer and stick our feet in rivers/lakes to cool off. He was the best adventure buddy and was up for anything! I would bring him with me everywhere. Putting him down was the hardest decision I have ever made. I cried more the weeks leading up to his passing than I have in my entire life. It has now been about a month since he left us and it still hurts so much. I look for him in the house and think he will be home when I return from an outing. I know he will always be with me but I wish for one more hug, cuddle, or hike, even though one more would still never be enough. I love you, Dobie. You may not be with me physically any longer but you will always be in my heart ❤️

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