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Brave New Beginnings

I founded Dragonfly Vibes with the intent of not only honoring the memory of my sister, but also helping others, who like me, are grieving a loss. I know grief can feel lonely. I know it leaves a hole in your heart and your life that never goes away. I also know it’s possible to heal, although not in a way that you wake up one day feeling “better”.

When we begin our healing journey, it is a new chapter in our lives. We take the memories, the heartache, the pain and everything else we may feel with us. It shapes who we become as it’s part of us forever.

As I honor the losses of others, it gives me strength for my own healing and hope that we can be kinder and more supportive to all who are grieving.

Listen to my conversation with Marsha Vanwynesbergh to hear more about my story.

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